BBA Modern form of Communication Note

Modern form of Communication Note

Q. 8. What precautions a person should take while doing telephonic communication for a business deal? Ans. Telephone is a common mode of oral communication. It is used for giving and receiving information and is very valuable tool for business purposes. Precautions taken while using a phone are: 1. Know your specific purpose, have some questions in mind. It is better to have one cent purpose than many rembling thoughts. Introduce yourself if much time is elapsed be calls. 2. Know the precise person you are calling and the best time to call. 3. Give thought to your opening statement. 4. Take notes have before you pertinent papers of previous correspondent discussions.

Message Receivers Guidelines

1. Be patient, give the feeling that the phone call is an intrusion gets the conversation off to a negative start. 2. Listen interruption, break up both you and your partner’s brain of thought. 3. Restate: Be sure you understand and that your partner agrees. 4. End politely, suggest if your partner that you would be happy to supply a summery of the conversation.

Points to be considered in International Technology

1. Be aware of teinezones. 2. Speak more clearly. Overarticulate in place of mumbling. 3. Restate and Summarise more often. Memories are prone to errors. 4. Follow up the conversation with a letter or fax.

Some Other Points to be Remembered

1. Confident manner. 2. Polite. 3. Project a sincere quality. 4. Project a friendly quality. 5. Show that you are listening by giving saught responses. 6. Listen and don’t argue immediately.

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