BBA Modern form of Communication Note

Modern form of Communication Note

Q. 7. Explain the mechanism and importance of FAX. Ans. FAX: Word ‘Fax’ is derived from facsimile. ‘Fase’ means to mal Thus, it means to send a similar copy of the original. Through fax, any document printed handwritten, graph, chart, picture etc. can be sent from one place to another place in the form of photocopy with the help of telephone network. It takes hardly any time to send the matter in larger quantity to any place. Where the distane between sender and receiver is very wide, this system proves very useful and beneficial.

Working Procedure of Fax

For transmitting a message a document is fed in the fax machine which is converted into electric signals. These signals are transmitted through telephone lines to another fax machine which recoverts these signals into printed out hand copy. Then, the receiving fax machine sends a message confirming the receipt of entire message. Thus, it becomes clear that in this process both the photocopying and telephone processes work together. As in a photocopying machine, photocopies of the matter are obtained similarly in a fax machine, a photocopy is received by a person sitting at distant place. . Now, the use of satellite fax machine is increasing day-by-day. In this system, satellites are used instead of using telephone lines. This system reduce the cost of sending message and improve the quality and reliability as well.

Advantages of Fax System

Today fax service has become an important part of our daily working. Therefore, it is being used increasingly in business, trade, banking, insurance, education and various other fields. The main advantages of fax system can be summarised as follows: 1. The message can be sent easily and quickly with the help of this system. 2. Printed and written document can be sent easily in the form of photocopy to any concerned person. 3. In the absence of concerned person, fax machine can adapt the message. 4. It takes hardly any time to send message in larger quantity to any place. It is a very prompt system of communication. 5. There is no possibility of making alteration in the message to be send through fax system. 6. The message remains secret in this system. 7. There is no need of typing the message in this system. It saves a lot of time in the business working.

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