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BBA Modern form of Communication Note

Section-B (Short Answer Questions)

Q. 1. “without modern form of communication, the human life is impossible.” Explain this statement. Or What are the main advantages of modern form of communication? Ans Advantages of Modern Forms of Communication : Main advantages of modern ways of communication can be summarised as follows: 1. Message can be transmitted quickly and easily from one place to the another place with the help of modern communication means. In the latest method not just time is reduced but distances are also getting shorter as well. 2. Modern way of communication increase the connectivity of the people. Now with the help of cellular phone one can easily keep himself connected with others from anywhere and at any time. 3. Teleconferencing can lead to substantial saving both in term of money and executive time. The people situated at distant places can organise a meeting without travelling long distances as if they were all together in one room. 4. Copies of important documents including certificates, degrees, agreements and contracts can easily be sent from one place to another with the help of fax machine. 5. Modern way of communication also reduces the cost of sending messages. E-mail is far quicker correspondence than ordinary postage. Nothing is charged for sending and receiving though the message travel across the world. 6. With the help of modern ways of communication, the present business world is advancing towards less formal structure. It reduces the office paper work and enables the employees to work even without sitting at office. 7. With the help of E-commerce, the time required to create transfer and process a business transaction is reduced significantly due to automation. 8. Modern communication means also to provide better customer services. With the help of internet we can get information about the product, its features, price and terms of sale etc. with ease and speed. 9. E-commerce is proving helpful in creation of new business markets. Now the information about the product can be shown to the customers on web sites and orders can be fetched easily. Thus, it helps to enter into new markets and provide easy and cheap access to the i potential customers.  

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