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BBA Modern form of Communication Note

Modern form of Communication Note

Q. 16. Explain the nature of international communication. Ans. Nature of International Communication: The concept of international communication universal and as old as human being. That is why different views have been expressed about the nature of international communication can be studied easily with the help of following facts : 1. International Communication is a Human Process: International communication is a human process as it involves two or more persons. This human and organisational process is the mean of recording knowledge and possing it on to the succeeding generations. It is for individual and group progress. 2. International Communication is Both an Art and Science: International communication contains both the elements those of a science and those of an art. International communication is a science because it provides a set of principles which can guide the management to find a solution to the specific problems. It is also an art as it develops new situations, new designs and new systems needed for further improvement. Thus, it can be concluded that international communication is both an art and science. 3. International Communication is a Universal Process: The principles and techniques of international communication are universal in application but not necessarily and exclusively applied to only business. These are applied to social, religious, charitable, formal, non formal, non profit organisation also. The fundamental principles of international communication are applied to all human activities from the simplest small group to great corporations and the public. 4. International Communication is a Wide Process: International communication is not merely recognised as a process of giving information but it also includes to obtain the response of the other party and make corrections and changes in his attitude accordingly. The management can convey its expectations to workers and workers can put their suggestions and grievances before the management International communication is the chain of understanding that integrates an organisation from top to bottom, from bottom to top and from side to side. 5. International Communication is a Social Process: International communication is a social process as it enables everyone in the society to satisfy its basic needs and desires through exchange of process written, spoken or non-verbal message. It is through international communication that two or more persons interact and influence each other and consequently bridge the gap in their understanding.

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