BBA Modern form of Communication Note

Q. 2. What is video conferencing? Ans. Video conferencing is an excellent technique of audio-visual communication. People present at distant place can communicate with each other, like attending a meeting or conference in a meeting room. Under this system, a meeting is conducted using television displays of the participants who can see one another on television screen and can hear one another. In this way they exchange their views. In this technique not only the communication of message is possible, but also concerned person can talk directly among themselves and their postures, facial expressions, gestures etc. also help in communication of the message. In real sense, it is a substitute of face communication. Video conferencing can be accomplished in two ways: 1. By Using Computer : It is known as computer conferencing and for this computer, web camera, telephone connection and internet connection are required. 2. Without Using Computer : Video conferencing without the use of computer, needs digital web camera, video conferencing machine, telephone, satellite connection and projectors. The increased use of new technology requires emplovees to communicate more effectively and efficiently. Technology showcases ones communication skills the writing skills of the individual are revealed in every E-mail message and the verbal skills are revealed in audio and video. Internet (private cooperate network based on Internet technology) and extranet (the extension of private networks to certain outsides such as suppliers) facilitate communication among employees, managers, customers suppliers and investors. The challenge of communicating effectively with people inside and outside the are magnified as more business are installing such networks. The increases in international business dealing and in the diversity of the workforce has created more communication challenges. Today employees must communicate with people who speaks English as a second language. To succeed today in business world when working in teams one should be able to clarify, confirm, give feedback, explore ideas and credit others. Further have to share information with people both inside and outside the company. The importance of communication for technology can further be understood by following points: 1. Facilitates Planning: Participation of executives in planning. This is done by interaction communication. 2. Brings Co-ordination: Brings unity of action. Group meetings as a means co-ordination must necessarily involve exchange of ideas and knowledge and transfer of information and understanding. 3. Helps in Decision Making: Management comes closer to the subordinates and is able to identify real problems and take appropriate decisions. 4. Facilitates Better Administration: Communication is important in the performance of all managerial functions. It is an important in directing and motivating the employees in the. 5. Creation of Mutual Trust and Confidence: It helps the manager to convey his ideas, views, decisions, suggestions and feelings to the employees. 6. Tool of Motivation: It is a good device to motivate the employees. 7. Efficient for High Morale: Communication is important for building higher morale of employees. 8. Binding Force: It is an instrument for binding together various groups.  

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