BBA Modern form of Communication Note

Modern form of Communication Note

Q. 10. Write a short note on telephonic communication. Ans. Telephonic Communication: This form of electronic communication has been around for nearly a century. It is the most useful and universal medium of oral communication with a person who is not present at the same place as the sender. The telephone instrument has evolved, over the years, into a very sophisticated form with many new facilities. An answering machine can be attached to the telephone to take a message if you cannot answer it. Conference facility permits three or more persons from different parts of the world to have a discussion by telephone. Cordless telephone frees the handset from the hand-hold and allows the user to take it around within a range of 100 metres from the hand-hold. Caller identity device attached to the telephone can show the number from which the incoming call is being made. Intercom is an interval system which allows communication between persons in different parts of a building. It eliminates the need for visiting another part of the office and the need for a peon to carry written notes and messages. Information can be passed quickly from one person to another in the office. Most intercom instruments have facility to broadcast messages to the entire office over all the internet lines or a particular location on one line. STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialling) allows a user to make call to a number in another city directly, without having to call the telephone exchange. This service is available to almost all cities in the country. Every city has a code number which you dial before dialing the personnal telephone number. ISD (International Subscriber Dialling) allows the user to call a number to any of the major cities of the world, without calling the operator at the telephone exchange. Every country has an international code number which you dial before dialling the required city code and personal telephone number. STD and ISD facilities can be locked with a number code. Telephonic communication is oral communication, but the sender and receiver cannot see each other and can only hear. so special attention is paid to the tone pitch and etiquette are required.

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