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BBA Modern form of Communication Note

Modern form of Communication Note

Q. 5. What are the uses of internet? Also, write the barriers in its way. Ans. Uses of Internet: This is the world of internet. The modern society cannot even be dreamt without the internet. Different uses of internet may be enumerated as under: 1. E-mail: The facility of internet is very popular among the users. A person can transmit his message to any part of the world in a moment. This is a paperless facility which saves time and money, both. The sender and the receiver both should have the ID address on some Website like Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail etc. 2. E-Banking: This service has revolutionised the banking sector. This is service which has interlinked all the banks in the world. As a result the use of services like Tele saving, Mobile Banking, P.C. Banking and E-Banking is increasing. This provide facility to operate your account even when you are sitting in your drawing room or working in your office. 3. Internet: It is private internet in which a web site is designed for the use of the employees of the organisation. It is generally used to place documents such as telephone directory, staff manuals and office record. The main advantage of internet is that the information stored is readily available and it can be easily updated from time to time. 4. World Wide Web (www): World Wide Web is a revolutionary development on the internet. It is a source of large amount of information on various subjects for different kinds of users. It can be used for number of purposes such as to advertise, to invite job applications, to invite matrimonials etc. It may be used to provide detailed information regarding a product or a service or an organisation etc. The information can also be published on the Web. 5. Chat Room: Through this process the speaker and the listener can speak to each other and also see each other with the help of a web camera. It provides facility of face-to-face communication between the person living in different parts of the world. 6. E-commerce: This facility of internet has converted the whole world into a big market It provides facility of buying and selling goods through internet. Prominent manufacturer and dealers advertise their products and service and provide necessary details on their website. Customer can buy anything at any time in any corner of the world by paying through his credit card for this, the buy buyer fill a form on the website to select the item to be purchased and provide delivery and payment details. Then, information is electronically transferred from computer to computer in an automated way. 7. Telnet : Through telnet you can log in on any computer connect if it is under your control. This is also known as Remote Log In. It helps in downloading any new and useful information from one computer to another computer.

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