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BBA Modern form of Communication Note

Modern form of Communication Note

Q. 6. Explain the mechanism and importance of L-mall. Ans. E-mail: E-mail is a communication method in which letters or messages are computer from one place to another. With the help of E-mail a message can be sent from one place to another place faster than any other media of communication. Under this system, a computer holder has to become member of some ‘electronic mail operator’. In this system, instead of receiving and sending messagers on paper, the message are sent and received by computers. This system works out to be much cheaper than fax system. In this system, the matter of the message that is to be sent is prepared by word processor on the computer screen. Then, message is sent to the desired address through the telephonic network. The message that we have sent is displayed on the computer screen of the receiver. If the receiver is not present at that time, the message is stored in his mail box. When the concerned person return to the computer, he gets the information that a message is received and he can get it exhibited on the screen. necessary, the concerned person can take its prints also with the help of printer. E-mail is a fast, time and paper saving system of communication. It is not at all expensive system but to avail this facility it is necessary that both the computers are connected with the internet.
Method of Sending E-mail
For sending E-mail alongwith computer and internet connection, an E-mail address is also required. E-mail can be sent to any person at any place if he is connected through internet. For sending E-mail firstly connect the network of E-mail programme to a computer network. It requires a passward and the name of user. Then to send an E-mail, we first click on the start of the windows and the complete list of programmes available will be displayed on the screen. On clicking it, a ‘New Message’ window will be opened. In the box where “To’ is written, E-mail address of the receiver is typed. Below this in the subject box type the complete message and click on the icon ‘send’ on the left corner of the New Message Window. In this way your message is sent to the concerned person.
Method of Receiving E-mail
To receive the E-mail, first of all connect the E-mail network with computer giving name and address of user. Then a list of receiving E-mails is displayed on the screen. Now the user can read the message.
Advantages of E-mail
1. E-mail is the most modern and inexpensive medium of sending messages at distant places. 2. It does not require to spend anything on paper, pen, envelop and postage stamp. It saves time and money both. 3. With the help of E-mail, a message can be sent to many persons at a time. 4. E-mail can be used to send messages even when the receiver is not available on his computer 5. The receiver can, not only read the message but can take the prints of the message also 6. E-mail make the business communication less formal. It provide easy connection between management and workers. 7. E-mail is far quicker correspondence than ordinary postage. A message can reach any part of the world in a fraction of a second. 8. Service of this powerful message system gives an immediate access to worldwide contacts. 9. E-mail improves report delivery and distribution both inside and outside the organization.

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