BBA Indian Economy Very Short Question Answer

BBA Indian Economy Very Short Question Answer

BBA Indian Economy Very Short Question Answer:- Ins this post BBA Indian Economy Very short question answer for exam Preparation most important question answer for BBA Indian Economy.

Q. 1 What is economic growth?

Ans. Economic growth is a process in which best efforts are made to increases national per capital income and output.

Q. 2 What is economic development ?

Ans. Economic development is a continuous process in which all the best efforts are made for economic, social and industrial development of a country.

Q. 3 Distinguish between economic growth and economic development.

Ans. Economic growth is a quantitative statement while economic development is a qualitative statement.

Q. 4 Define the strategy of economic growth.

Ans. Strategy of economic growth means the approach of economic development by a country.

Q. 5 What do you mean by traditional stage of development?

Ans. The traditional stage of development is an economy which depends mainly upon agriculture.

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Q. 6 Define Underdeveloped economy.

Ans. An underdeveloped economy is an economy which is characterised by low per capita income, low level of technology, under employment etc.

Q. 7 Define the term human development.

Ans. Human development is the process of widening peoples choices as well as raising and achieving the level of well being.

Q. 8 Define productivity .

Ans. Productivity is the relationship between the quantity of production and the quantity of factors of production.

Q. 9 What is economic planning ?

Ans. Economic planning means the direction, regulation and control of economic activities of a country by a central planning authority.

Q. 10 Give the characteristics of economic planning.

Ans. The main characteristics of economic planning is :

(a)  A System of economic organization.

(b) Central planning.

(c) A certain period.

(c) Government

BBA Indian Economy Notes

Q. 11 Give the objectives of the eleventh five-year plan .

Ans.  The Eleventh five year Plan aims to achieve an improved quality of life for the citizens of the state and contribute to the larger national goals of socio-economic development. this will require faster and more equitable social and economic development of the state.


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