BBA Modern form of Communication Note

Modern form of Communication Note

Q. 13. Discuss the developments that have increased the need for effective international communication. Ans. Need for Effective International Communication: Effective international communication has always been essential for success in business. In recent times, international communication has become all the more essential due to the following reasons: 1. Increase in Size: Business firms have grown tremendously in scale of operations. A larger business firm today employees thousands of people, has factories or offices in different parts of world. The head office of the company must always be in close touch with branch offices. An efficient system of international communication is required for this purpose. 2. Growing Specialisation: Narrow division of work result in different activities being handled by different departments. Due to narrow outlook every department trends to overstress its own work. Sound international communication is essential for ensuring mutual cooperation and understanding between different departments. Otherwise the international organisation cannot function smoothly. If for example, there is no international communication between production and sales departments, the sales department might book orders which the production department cannot supply. 3. Technological Advancement: Rapid changes in science and technology lead to obsolescence of technology and knowledge. In order to upgrade or modernise technology, management must persuade employees to accept new technology. Regular training of staff becomes necessary to upgrade their knowledge to provide them skills needed to apply new tech 4. Cut-throat Competition: Liberalisation and globalisation have resulted in severe competition between public sector, private sector and foreign banks M also to compete with various financial institutions. Persuasive i various financial institutions. Persuasive international communication in the form of advertisements personal contacts and publicity becomes essential to surive in the race competition. 5. Human Relations: Effective international communication between management employees is necessary to develop mutual trust and confidence Participation of employees in the decision making process and other means of international com employees a sense of belonging and loyalty to the organization. 6. Trade Union Movement: In banking sector, employee union am are very strong and powerful. Management must consult union leaders on several matters. Regular exchange in information and ideas between managers and union officials help to maintain healthy relations between them. 7. Public Relations: Society expects more and more from managers Business has to keep government, distributors, suppliers, investors and other sections of society well-informed about its contributions to society. Public relation help business to improve its image in society and big enterprises employ professional experts for this purpose.

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