BBA Modern form of Communication Note

Modern form of Communication Note

Q.4. Write a short note on word processor. Ans Word Processor: A word processor combines in it the characteristics of a computer and a typewriter and can greatly simplify the work of written communication. To use a word processor efficiently, we need typing skill, basic computer literacy and word processing software. As we type on a word processor, the text appears on a screen. We can revise and edit this text as we like. 1. We can-delete or add words, phrases and sentences wherever we like. 2. We can move whole sections of the text from one place to another. 3. We can easily locate where a word or phrase appears in the text for the first time or it again and we can replace it by another everywhere or at specific place. 4. Now ‘spell check’ are also available. Such a programme check every word in the typed text for the typed text against a list of correctly spelled words. This eliminates the possibility of any errors in spelling and saves the typist much embarrassment. 5. The latest innovation in the field is the development of a thesaurus for the computer. So if satisfied with a particular word or phrase, the screen can throw up several alternatives out of which we can choose the most appropriate one in the given context. Alternatives out of which we can choose the me The facilities make the task of revising and editing the text easy. Now we have to give it an look on the pages. For this there is another set of facilities available. (a) The system can be instructed to produce specified top, bottom, right and left margins. (b) It can centre headings on the page. (c) There are different type of faces available. So we can type different parts in different falls to emphasie them and to make the page look interesting. (d) If our text runs into more than one page, the system can automatically put heading and page number on each page. When we are fully satisfied with the text and its looks on the page, we can order a printout. The Use of Word Processor in Form Letters: Form letters always appeared to be very mechanical and impersonal. Cyclostyled letters with blanks filled in manually or inelegantly typed on a typewriter looked very shabby. The word processor can give them excellent facelift. Various message, carefully drafted for accuracy and precision are already stored in the memory. We can type the address of the person to whom the letter is to be sent and then command the computer to reproduce a particular paragraph. If desirable we can add a couple of lines to personalise the message. Thus, we can get as many beautifully printed and fully personalised letters as we want in a matter of a few seconds.

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