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Q. 2. What is the sales letter? State its objectives. Explain with example.

Ans. Sales Letter: In the highly competitive business of today, publicity and advertisement: have become essential for every business enterprise. Sales letters are one form of advertising. This letter enables a businessman to approach potential customers easily and at a low cost. As a sales letter is directly addressed to select a customer it has a particular appeal and a personal touch. Sales letters are particularly useful in direct selling by mail.

Objectives of Sales Letters: Sales letters are written to achieve the following objectives :

(1) To promote the sale of a product, a service or an idea.

(2) To introduce new products in the market quickly, effectively and at a low cost.

(3) To introduce the salesman to the potential customers.

(4) To widen the market for existing products.

(5) To remind the customer about the product or service.

(6) To create and maintain a firm goodwill among the customers.

(7) To secure orders for a mail-order business house.

(8) To serve as a silent salesman wherever a salesman cannot reach the customers.

(9) To keep the customers in regular touch with the company and its products and services.

Example 1 :

A Sales Letter Offering Shirts.

Super Textiles Ltd.

7, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400070

Date: Sept. 15, 2013

Dear Sir,

Why buy the inferior when you can get the best at the same price. Buy super shirts made specially from imported cotton for only 180 per piece.

Sunartoutiles give you SUPER VALUE. Our shirts are stitched on the most modern computerized machine at an exclusive price of 180. Anywhere you would pay 30 more for a similar shirt.

SUPER SHIRT is a quality shirt and is offered at a popular price. It is the result of the cooperative venture of super textiles and SPEARS of France. These shirts are available in ten colors in plain, stripes and check.

SUPER SHIRTS are offered at the exclusive price only for a limited period. Act now and save Rs 30.


S.K. Singh

Sales Manager

Example 2:

Voltas Electrical Ltd.”

14 Balaji Road,


Date: Dec 19, 2013

Dear Customer,

With summer approaching, you may be thinking of how to keep your office cool so that your employers can work with more efficiency and effectiveness. :: To meet your needs, we offer the widest choice in air coolers. We provide a guarantee for one year against all manufacturing defects and repairs or replace any part that may cause trouble at our cost.

With the pamphlet, you will find a card. Please fill it and mail it. We shall send our technician to your office to advise you about the location of the air coolers.

You can also avail of a special discount of 20%. If the order is placed before Jan 20, 2014. All transportation charges will be borne by us.

Yours truly,

Sales Manager.

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