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Q. 8. How memorandums differ from letters? Or How memo is different from a latter?

Ans. Difference between Letters and Memos

S. No. Basis of Difference Letters Memos
1. Letters written Letter is written to persons outside the organization. Memo is written to the persons working within the organization.
2. Expression Generally, the expression of the letters is formal. There is no place of formality in the expression of a memo.
3. Salutation Salutation and complimentary close have great importance in the case of letters. Salutation or complimentary close are avoided in the case of memos.
4. Draft Special care should be taken while drafting letters. There is no need for special care while writing memos.
5. Language Generally, the language of the letter is polite and appealing. Memos are not supposed to be courteous. These are written in straightway.
6. Contents Letters need explanation and broad information. Memos are concerned with work interpretation. These are written in a specific and concise way.

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