Business Communication Letters Notes

Section-B (Short Answer Questions)

Q. 1. Give a specimen of an inquiry letter along with its reply.

Ans. A major part of the business activity consists of inquiry. When a buyer wants to get some information about the product, price, quantity, terms and conditions of sales, availability of goods, etc. he writes a letter of inquiry to the seller. An inquiry letter should be written in the simple, clear and precise way saying about buyer’s requirement. At last, he expresses his gratitude for the time, the reader has spent in reading the letter.

Request Letter for Enquiry

Shiv Book Depot

(Book Seller)

185, Mall Road


Ph. : 2687825

Reference: 525/14

Date: 18 Jan, 14

To : Chitra Prakashan

Western Kutchery Road, Meerut

Sub. : Trade inquiry Dear Sirs,

Please send us your latest illustrated catalog and price list and inform us of your business terms and conditions.

We expect to place the order with you if the quality and prices are suitable for our organization.

Yours faithfully

Shiv Book Depot

Shiv Bhatia (Partner)

Reply to Enquiry Letter

Chitra Prakashan

(Publishers and Distributors of Educational Books)

Western Kutchery Road, Meerut,

Ph.: 245467

Reference: 105.1/14

Date : 28 Jan, 14

To : M/s Shiv Book Depot

185, Mall Road, Kanpur

Sub.: Reply of trade inquiry.

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to receive your letter dated Jan 18, 2014, enquiring about terms and conditions regarding trading with us. Thank you very much for the interest you have shown in our publication. The latest catalog and price list of our publications are being enclosed herewith. :: We allow 20% discount off the catalog price for a cash sale and 15% for credit sale if payment is made within 1 month. Packing and forwarding month. Packing and forwarding charges will be borne by us if an order does exceed of; 50,000/-

We hope that the rates of discount will surely suit you and you will give us a chance of service by sending a valuable order.

Yours faithfully

For Chitra Prakashan

(Deepak Kumar)

Manager, Sales

Enclosure : (1) Pricelist.

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