Business Corporate communication Notes

Business Corporate communication Notes 


Business Corporate communication Notes:- In this post Business communication notes for corporate communication, business communication notes 2nd unit also covers these topics formal and informal communication, Interviews, seminars, Individual and group presentations all topics included in this post. This post-BBA, MBA, B COM, M COM all students study business communication. we are provided business communication notes. Thanx to visit over website


Section-A (Very Short Answer Questions)

Q. 1. What do you mean by corporate communication? Or What is corporate communication?

Ans. Communication is indispensable for every organization to develop and maintain a reputation or goodwill in society. A business concern can keep itself in close touch with its customers, investors, dealers, suppliers and other sections of society through various forms of communication.

Q. 2. Write down the four types of grapevine chains.

Ans. (a) Single strand chain.

(b) Gossip wheel chain.

(c) Probability chain.

(d) Cluster chain. 

Q. 3. What are the organizational barriers?

Ans. Organizational barriers arise due to defects in the organization structure and the communication system of an organization. These barriers are due to the long chain of command, poor spatial arrangements and inappropriate medium of communication.

Q. 4. What do you mean by semantic barriers?

Ans. Semantic barriers study the meaning of words and signs. Semantic barriers arise due to problems in language. Language is the most important tool of communication. These barriers may be due to words with different meanings, bad expressions, faulty translation and unclarified assumptions in communication.

Q. 5. What is group discussion?

Ans. A group refers to two or more persons who interact for a common purpose primarily through oral communication. Group discussions are often held for solving some problems, to take the decision, to select a candidate for higher studies and for other purposes. In a group discussion, the size of a group is generally small consisting of eight to twelve persons. The members generally sit in a circle and discuss a given topic in a group.

Q. 6. Discuss any two guidelines for effective participation in a group discussion.

Ans. (a) Develop and sharpen your speaking and interpersonal skills. Clear thinking, good expression, and other verbal and non-verbal skills are important for a group discussion.

(b) Learn how to analyze the subject, argue your case while adhering to the time limit.

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Q. 7. What are human relations?

Ans. Effective communication between management and employees is necessary to develop mutual trust and confidence. Participation of employees in the decision-making process and other means of communication helps to develop among employees a sense of belonging and loyalty to the organization.

Q. 8. What is the trade union movement?

Ans. In the banking sector, employee unions are very strong and powerful. Management must consult union leaders on several matters. Regular exchange of information and ideas between managers and union officials help to maintain healthy relations between them.


Q. 9. What is a mock interview?

Ans. Mock interview refers to create a real situation of an interview, which means having a dress rehearsal of a real interview. Thus, a mock interview is a sample of a real interview. Thus, the mock interview is organized to understand the actual interview.

Q. 10. What is efficient planning?

Ans. Accurate and up-to-date information concerning the external environment and internal conditions is necessary for taking the right decisions at the right time. The quality of managerial decisions and plans depend largely on the quality of information and its effective transmission. Such information becomes available to managers through a proper system of reporting and consultations.

Q. 11. What is the presentation?

Ans. In industry and commerce, the term presentation has come to be used in preference to public speaking. Presentation is generally or occasionally required while launching a new product, starting a training, presenting a new business plan, etc. Thus, presentation requires careful preparation which is a formal occasion with the usual use of audio-visual aids and teamwork.

Q. 12. What are the five steps of a successful presentation?

Ans. (a) Be clear about the occasion… (b) Have an idea of the location.

(c) Plan out the presentation. (d) Consider personal aspects.

(e) Using visual aids.


Q. 13. What is a group presentation?

Ans. When more than one speakers present their views on a pre-decided topic to the audience, it is termed as a group presentation. Group presentation mainly occurs in meetings, seminars, and conferences.

Q. 14. What are the two types of individual presentations?

Ans. (a) When there are one speaker and one listener.

         (b) When there are one speaker and a small group of listeners.

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