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Business Corporate communication Notes

Section-B (Short Answer Questions)

Business Corporate Communication Notes

Q. 1. Discuss the developments that have increased the need for effective communication,

Ans. Need for Effective Communication: Effective communication has always been essential for success in business. In recent times, communication has become all the more essential due to the following reasons:

  1. Increase in Size: Business firms have grown tremendously in the scale of operations. A larger business firm today employs thousands of people, has factories or offices in different parts of the world. The head office of the company must always be in close touch with losing touch with the branch offices. An efficient system of communication is required for this purpose.
  1. Growing Specialisation: Narrow division of work result in different activities being handled by different departments. Due to the narrow outlook, every department tends to overstress its own work. Sound communication is essential for ensuring mutual cooperation and understanding between different departments. Otherwise, the organization cannot function smoothly. If for example, there is no communication between production and sales departments, the sales department might book orders which the production department cannot supply.
  2. Technological Advancement: Rapid changes in science and technology lead to the obsolescence of technology and knowledge. In order to upgrade or modernize technology, management must persuade employees to accept new technology. Regular training of staff becomes necessary to upgrade their knowledge to provide them the skills needed to apply new technology.
  3. Cut-throat Competition: Liberalisation and globalization have resulted in severe competition between the public sector, private sector, and foreign banks. Moreover, banks today have also to compete with various financial institutions. Persuasive communication in the form of advertisements, personal contacts and publicity becomes essential to survive in the race of competition.
  4. Human Relations: Effective communication between management and employees is necessary to develop mutual trust and confidence. Participation of employees in the decision-making process and other means of communication helps to develop among employees a sense of belonging and loyalty to the organization.
  5. Trade Union Movement: In the banking sector, employee unions are very strong and powerful. Management must consult union leaders on several matters. Regular exchange in information and ideas between managers and union officials help to maintain healthy relations between them.
  6. Public Relations: Society expects more and more from managers. The business has to keep government, distributors, suppliers, investors and other sections of society well-informed about its contributions to society. Public relations help businesses to improve its image in society and big enterprises employ professional experts for this purpose.

Business Corporate Communication Notes

Q. 2. Write short notes on:

  1. Individual presentation,   2. Group presentation, 3. Mock interview.

Or What is the difference between individual and group presentation?

Ans: 1. Individual Presentation: In the individual presentation, there is only one speaker who presents his views on a pre-decided topic to the audience. In this, the speaker speaks without interruption and in the end, answers the questions of the audience. Individual presentions of the audience. The individual presentation further can be of two types:

(a) When there are one speaker and one listener.

(b) When there is one speaker and a small group of listeners.

2. Group Presentation: When more than one speakers present their views on a pre-decided topic to the audience, it is termed as group presentation.

In a group presentation, one speaker speaks at one time and all others listen to him. When one has finished, another speaker speaks and presents his view. In the end, the chairperson briefs the discussion and thanks to all audience. Group presentation mainly occurs in meetings, seminars, and conferences.

Planning of group presentation requires at most care. The order of presentation must be determined carefully as it involves several speakers. Proper arrangement of stage, lighting, background, etc. enhances the impact of a presentation.

Characteristics of Group Presentation: Main characteristics of group presentation can be summarised as follows:

(a) A group presentation is based on the pre-decided topic.

(b) One person from the group act as chairperson and conducts the presentation.

(c) Speakers present their views one by one in a fixed time.

(d) In the end, the chairperson gives a summary and conclusion of the discussion.

(e) After the presentation is finished, the conclusion is written by the secretary.

(f) Usually, group presentation is rehearsed to make it more effective.

  1. Mock Interview: Mock interview refers to create a real situation of an interview, which means having a dress rehearsal of a real interview. Thus, a mock interview is a sample of real interviews. by organizing a mock interview we try to know as to how the real interview is being conducted. In other words, a mock interview is organized or conducted to understand the actual interview.

Business Corporate Communication Notes

Q. 3. Explain guidelines for effective participation in a group discussion.

Ans. Guidelines for Effective Participation in a Group Discussion: The following guidelines are helpful for effective participation in group discussions :

  1. Develop and sharpen your speaking and interpersonal skills. Clear thinking, good expression, and other verbal and non-verbal skills are important for a group discussion.
  2. Prepare yourself and have a thorough understanding of the subject on which you are asked to speak. Since the topic of discussion is unknown, familiarise yourself with the most important topics under current affairs. This can be done by reading daily newspapers, magazines and watching news and discussions on TV.
  3. Learn how to analyze the subject, argue your case while adhering to the time limit.
  4. A group discussion requires co-operation and co-ordination on the part of the participants who are expected to work as a team. Any kind of hostile attitude by anyone of the participants is against the spirit of co-operation and would hamper effective discussion. Therefore, every participant has to subordinate his ego to the larger objective of working together and completing the discussion within the specified time.
  5.  The person participating in a group discussion should carry a pen and a paper unless asked otherwise. It is better to think through the main issues in the topic of discussion before start speaking.
  6. Unless you are fully prepared on the topic, allow someone else to start the discussion. One can get noticed even when one is not first to speak.
  7. Listen carefully to what other participants are saying. You may quote others while supporting and criticizing them.
  8. There is more than one way of entering the discussion. You may begin by appreciating a point made earlier. Alternatively, you may express disagreement with someone’s argument and mold the discussion in your own way.
  9. There should be a free flow of ideas in a group discussion. As all participants are keen to speak there is likely to be chosen in a group discussion. But speaking, in turn, is not desirable as it hampers a natural discussion.
  10. Summarise the discussion at the end by restating your view as well as the dissenting view. Do not force a consensus.

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