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Essential of Effective Business Communication Letters


Essential of Effective Business Communication Letters

Q. 4. What do you understand by “Good News Letters”? Give a specimen of good newsletters.

Ans. Good News Letters: Good newsletters are written to convey pleasant news to the reader. These letters gain a positive reaction of the reader. Thus a good newsletter is a letter that conveys a positive message to the reader. These letters are written mainly for conveying the following information:

(i) Information regarding the acceptance of an order.

(ii) Information regarding the acceptance of credit.

(iii) Information for announcing price cut.

(iv) Letters for granting an adjustment.

(v) Congratulation letters.

(vi) Selection letters for providing jobs.

These letters are very common in business affairs and most of the business letters are good newsletters. They are easiest to write as they convey the information which is readily accepted by the reader.

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Specimen of Good News Letters

  1. Letter on Execution of an Order

Mod Fashion House


Ph.: 0512-2661553

Ref. No.: 12/2013 28

Aug. 2013


National Fashion Store,

Mall Road, Kanpur

Sub. : Acceptance of Order Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to receive your order No. 205/13 dated 20 Aug 2013. We are happy to write you that we confirm supply of these goods before 11 Sep. 2013.

In a separate cover we are sending you Bill, R/R and Insurance receipt. We hope that the goods will meet your quality requirement and this will lead to further business between us and develop our happy working relationship.

Yours faithfully,

Raj Kumar


Essential of effective business letter PDF Download

2. Letter for Sanction of Loan

Bank of India

Arya Samaj Road, Muzaffarnagar

Ref. No.: 206/2013 20

Sep. 2013


Rakesh Singh

Gandhi Colony


Sub. : Sanctioning of loan.

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to inform you that your loan application dated 12 Sep. 2013 has been accepted. You have been granted an overdraft limit of * 2,00,000 for a period of two years. Minimum interest @ 8% with monthly interest will be charged with subject to change in interest rates. Your business premises being evaluated at market price will be hypothecated as a security against the overdraft. The hypothecated premises will be insured against the risk of fire, burglary, etc.

Please confirm the arrangement of overdraft by signing the agreement and hypothecation letter along with the guarantor’s signature.


        1. Agreement letter
        2. Hypothecation letter

Yours sincerely,

Rakesh Kumar


Essential of Effective Business Communication Letters

  1. Specimen of Claim Acceptance Letter.

Shri Toys Co.

(Manufacturer and Distributor of toys)

19, Jagatpuri

Delhi Ph.: 011-3985927

Ref. No.: 106/14

Date: 18 Jan; 2014


M/s. Amar Gift Center

Chandni Chowk

New Delhi

Sub. : Acceptance of claim. Dear Sirs,

We are very sorry to know that the packet of toys which we had sent to you on 8th Jan. 2014 was received by you in a damaged condition. It is obvious from your letter that the damage is made due to weak packaging and rough handling by the Ved Transport Company.

You are our permanent customer and we have not given any chance of complaint as yet. As for us loss suffered by you due to weak packaging and rough handling, we are enclosing a credit note of 5,000 herewith. Hope that you will be satisfied with our behavior and provide your co-operation as bfore.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Shiv Toys Company

Sachin Kumar

(Marketing Manager)

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