OS Important Question Answer For BCA 4th Semester

OS Important Question Answer For BCA 4th Semester

OS Important Question Answer For BCA 4th Semester:

OS Important Question Answer For BCA 4th Semester

Operating System Important Question Answer For BCA 4th Semester


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1. Define the Operating System and explain the types of operating systems.

2. Explain different types of Operating Systems.

3. Explain the process and process control back.

4. What do you mean by swapping?

5. Difference between physical address and logical address.

6. What is deadlock? Explain four necessary condition for deadlock to occur with example. Describe the different methods for prevention and avoidance of deadlocks.

7. Explain Page replacement algorithms.
a) FIFO – First in First Out
b) LRU – Least Recently Used
c) Optimal Page Replacement

8. Consider the following page reference string

1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

a) LRU Replacement
b) FIFO Replacement
c) Optimal Replacement

9. Explain Banker’s Algorithm.

10. What do you mean by paging? How to translate address in paging Logical to physical.

11. What are the causes of thrashing and how to avoid thrashing?

12. Explain semaphores. Explain its types and limitations.

13. Explain Disk Scheduling. And their Algorithms.

a). FCFS
b). SSTF
c). SCAN

14. Explain disk management? Explain various types of disk allocation methods.

15. What do you mean by buffering? Explain the types of buffering.

16. Explain disk scheduling and types of disk scheduling.

17. Explain File and its different mechanism to access the file.

18. Write a short note on:

(a) Virtual Memory
(b) Distributed System.
(c) Process Synchronization
(d) Directory Structure
(e) Thrashing
(f) Function of Operating System
(g) Peripheral Devices
(h) Explain the Directory Structure
(i) Process control block

19. Write the Difference between:

a) Paging vs Segmentation
b) Contiguous vs non-contiguous memory Allocation
c) Time sharing vs Real-time Operating System
d) Process vs Programs

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