CGMA Important Question Answer For BCA 4th Semester

CGMA Important Question Answer For BCA 4th Semester

CGMA Important Question Answer For BCA 4th Semester : CGMA (Computer Graphics and multimedia application ) is a technique  for aspiring digital artists and animators. Offering expert-led courses, CGMA equips students with industry-relevant skills in areas like concept art, 3D modeling, and visual effects. Unlock your creative potential and pursue a successful career in the dynamic world of computer graphics.

CGMA Important Question Answer For BCA 4th Semester

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Computer graphics and multimedia application Important Question Answer For BCA 4th Semester

1. What is computer graphics? Discuss its Advantages and Components.

Ans: Computer Graphics :

2. Explain the classification of Computer Graphics and the conceptual framework of interactive graphics.

3. Explain DDA line Algorithm.
4. Explain Bresenham’s Line drawing algorithms.
5. Explain Circle Scan Conversion or Midpoint circle Algorithms.
6. Explain Clipping and its types.
7. Explain Display Technologies.
8. Explain Display Processor & Differentiate between Raster Scan and Random Scan Display Processor.
9. Explain Cohen-Sutherland Outcode Algorithm or Cyrus-Beck Algorithm.
10. Write down and explain the mid-point circle drawing algorithm. Assume 10 cm as the radius and coordinate origin as the center of the circle.
11. Explain 3D transformation.
12. Explain Curve & Their Types.
13. Explain Bezier Curves.
14. Explain multimedia with their characteristics & need.
15. What is the Concept of modeling? Explain how solids are represented in this modeling concept.
16. Explain types of multimedia & also explain types of Animation.
17. Explain Graphics Hardware. Discuss Hard Copy Technologies.
18. Explain the Advantages & Disadvantages of multimedia.
19. Write a short note on: –
a) Computer Animation
b) Hardware & Software Requirements
c) Advantages of Multimedia
d) MIDI System.
e) Working of the CRT
f) What is the video controller?


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